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Empowering Educators 

At Purposeful Development we offer comprehensive professional development for educators and schools who wish to deepen their understanding and knowledge of how to create and sustain strategies. Educators will learn how to assess their school's needs, design and implement motivation and authentic learning programs, and evaluate the impact of these programs on student achievement. Our professional development is tailored to meet the unique needs of each school and district, and we offer both on-site and online options.


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Teacher Training

To meet targeted educator development objectives, teacher training offers engaging talks to groups of educators. Teachers will leave with hands-on tools that can be utilized to enhance their classroom.



Purposeful Development will work with your institution to develop a plan for progress that is aligned with its mission. The process of creating an effective strategy helps create long-lasting changes within your institution, ultimately leading it towards success!



We work with you from the initial assessment through implementation and beyond so that each student has access not only to their own learning but also to an engaged teacher in class who can help them become successful!


Engaging Students

When you educate with purpose, your students can feel your commitment and are more likely to engage in learning. If you want your students to really learn and remember the material, authentic lessons can get you there. There are no unmotivated students; student conduct gives a hint as to what a student requires from the teacher.

There are several forms of educational experience that embrace learning in its purest form, including Experimental Learning (learning by doing and reflecting), Project-Based Learning (PBL), Place-Based Learning, and Service Learning.  With each of these approaches, students are actively engaged in their learning process, whether it be through designing and conducting an experiment, researching and completing a project, or working with others to serve a community's needs.


Why Purposeful Development

Sarah Hunt, M. Ed. has more than 20 years of classroom instructing and school leadership expertise. She has implemented, led, and built an entire school-wide experiential learning program. Additionally, as an experienced Project-Based Learning (PBL) educator, her students learned by working on real-world, personally relevant projects.  She also has served on countless strategy teams and school boards tasked with evaluating, implementing, and launching new school initiatives.  Sarah is also the recipient of the 2019 NSEE Outstanding Leader in Experiential Education: K-12 award. 


During her consultation and training, she'll collaborate with your team to figure out what students require and how their needs may be best addressed. In keeping with your school's development goals, she'll provide a focused, specific improvement that develops teacher confidence and engagement with children.

This is why you should choose Purposeful Development for your school's needs!

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