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Teacher Training

Purposeful Development's teacher training consists of presentations to groups of educators to improve an institution's targeted educator development goals. Teachers will go away having access to resources that will help them develop their own innovative methods in the classroom. Sessions are interactive, collaborative, and fun, and include topics such as effective teaching/presenting, lesson design, and actively involving your learners in ways to increase learner retention.


The consultation process at Purposeful Development involves an in-depth analysis of existing practices and programs that influence student motivation and authentic learning. Guided meetings are held to create goals that are aligned with the institutional mission and then objectives are developed that are consistent with the institution's purpose.  We devise a plan for making progress as well as specific goals in terms of how we want to proceed. Additionally, extended support is available to assess the implementation of goals.

Organic Garden


Purposeful Development provides many services in order to help an institution grow and succeed. We offer support in assessing, planning, and implementing motivation and/or authentic learning programs. This is done through a collaborative school-wide process that results in a thriving program that enhances the school's offerings and supports its mission. From start to finish, comprehensive support is provided.

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